Vehicle key programing

Our Story

Scott left School at the age of 16 and went to work for one of the leading UK Lock wholesalers building locks to customers’ requirements, it was then he took a liking to picking locks and went on to work for many of the UK's top locksmith companies.

In 1999 as eCommerce was becoming ever so popular, he started one of the first lock companies online expanding his knowledge of security product even further. By 2008 he had moved to Cyprus and worked for a leading locksmith mainly providing assistance in the Automotive side of the business, this is where he realised his passion was dealing with customers face to face and the vehicle side of the industry.

After returning back to the UK and assisting with various security e-commerce websites he decided that he was now ready for a shop of his own. As 2020 set in the world hit a huge pandemic “Covid-19” Was this going to be the start or the end of Scott’s ambition to open a locksmith retail shop?

By September 2020 many shops were closing due to the pandemic, landlords were finding it hard to rent out properties and so many lay empty in the deserted town centres, this is when Scott realised, he could find a high street premises at a reduced rate and maybe even a few months free rental period, there was only 1 thing holding him back, working capital and assistance.

Scott’s Friend Rich who also has a passion in locks and especially vehicles due to his extensive knowledge in cars / parts was being made redundant from his role in casting car parts, he agreed to use his redundancy funds to invest in his future and that was where Keystation was born.

Scott & Rich worked day/night 7 days a week to build their professionally branded shop

With state of the art key machines and programming software along with over 4000 key variations in stock they were now ready to serve Maldon & the surrounding areas in cutting domestic and commercial keys as well as cut and program vehicle keys.

Their aim was simple, they wanted to provide our customers with variety at an affordable cost, In Scott’s words he wanted to become the Weatherspoon’s of keys.



Cut & Programmed


Replaced for a small fee


Cut from code or copy


For vehicles

Wow, can not recommend keystation enough. 3 times cheaper than my local dealer for my car key.

Leanne Williams


4 Hall Road, Heybridge, Maldon, Essex CM9 4NJ

0333 032 9655

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